​Safety & Security   


The majority of the buyers/sellers at Obils has good intentions and are reliable. They send products as agreed and  charged right on time. Unfortunately, there is - just as in the real world - also a small group of people who exploited the trust of others. Check out our tips (buy, sell and Obils contributes to a safe, successful and enjoyable for online buying and selling of Used and New Products.

Obils tips for safe online service.

  • Do not do anything online what in your daily life also would not do!
  • Let your common sense: if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is so.
  • See how long the seller is active on Obils, check his other advertisements and make personal contact.
  • Check the seller: Google data and check telephone and bank account via the Internet fraud site.
  • Pay the product via Secured bank account and your purchases are in many cases unlimited protected.
  • Be alert to buyers and sellers from Outside Nigeria and do not use (anonymous) payment methods as Western Union.
  • For safe and successful transactions on Obils we advise you to start the checklist.


Obils attaches great importance to the confidence of users in a secure internet commerce that is protected.The role of Obils Marketplace as it is jointly collaborated facilitating role. Buyers and sellers find each other through the site, but the appointments are made. Obils has no role in the creation of the buy/sell of the mutual agreements. YOU determines itself with whom and how.In the event that the transaction is still wrong and you were deceived, we recommend that you at all times to do this declaration to the police. The declaration is also right to Obils, so that we can take preventive measures.

If you have any further questions or comments, please contact us.