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Condition: As good as new
Model: MacBook
Screen size: 13 inches
Processor speed: 2 to 3 Ghz   
Hard disk: 200 to 500 GB
RAM (RAM): 12 to 31 GB
Price # #385k

This macbook pro 13 inch from 2018 without touch bar has a display and top case replacements in 
October 2019 at the apple store (Repair receipt is present). This means that all chips, battery 
and screen (almost everything) are no older than half a year. The laptop is as good as new. Always
used in combination with cover, so no scratch can be found.

Additional accessories are included. For example, a required cable is present (useful for students
or people traveling) and a cover. In addition, the apple store box and receipt are also present.
2 Adapters (USB-C to HDMI and USB-A) can also be supplied if desired.

Laptop goes away due to need of windows. Only realistic reactions since I respond to, since the 
laptop is in as good as new condition. You can also app / call.....0123456789



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Business Info
  • #5 Century Plaza Mall.Wuse II
  • 0872383188