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Ariwo Ko

‘Ariwo ko’ which means it’s not noise by Adekunle GOLD, it’s a clarion call to music artistes who think songs are all about putting  beats together without a proper message or content for its listeners.

Moreso, the ‘Orente progenitor’ in its lyrics also brings to fore those people/artists who think because they are wealthy they can act without caution.

“Your Papa get money, You dey do any how….” Adekunle Gold sings.

It preaches humility and the need for us all to know that whatever you have achieved or even if your parents are well to do, it all comes from God Almighty, not to us Lord but to you be glory and power.

The song is a fusion of afrobeat and a nice Indian flavor which reminds us of Bollywood the film industry in India.

As it is common among music artistes the song might actually be referring to one of the wave making A-list musician who comes from a wealthy home and even makes it known in his songs. Thumbs up to the YBNL star Adekunle Gold who keeps getting better as he releases new songs.

Retro Air - Retroflex Weekly Top Charts / 21 December 2019 / 0 Comments

       Retro Air - Lyrics

  • Numbers don't lie
  • And I don't shout
  • Topping every chat
  • And I don't make mouth
  • Oluwa lo n seyi emi naa ko oo
  • Emi na na emi emi na ko o
  • Monday to saturday I dey grind oo
  • Sunday nko mi o mind oo
  • Baba mi lo n seyi emi naa ko oo




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