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              Retro Air Music Radio ↓↑↳


                     #  Retro Air Music Charts is compiled from the votes of leading music specialists and DJs

                                       Retro Air - Music Charts, News, Photos & Video | Retro Charts

Retro Air Flex ( Week 34 )   Retro Air - Retroflex Weekly Top Charts #Trend
QIQ     Fela Kuti


          Teacher Don't Teach Me Nonsense    1QIQ Retro Air 3 ↓↳

  QIQ   The Fugess

     Week 32

             Ready Or Not    2QIQ Retro Air 2 ↓↑↳ 3

 QIQ    Di'Ja Ft. Tiwa Savage


             The Way You Are Gbadun You

   3QIQ Retro Air ↓↳

 QIQ    Olamide

     Week 14

             Science Student    3QIQ Retro Air 3 ↓↳

 QIQ    Opor


             2Baba ft Wizkid    3 QIQRetro Air 3 ↓↳



              I Can't Kill Myself     QIQRetro Air 3 ↓↳

 QIQ    Dive In

     Week 23

             Trey Songz    2QIQRetro Air 2 ↓↑↳18

QIQ   Club Paradise

   Week 23

             Drake    QIQRetro Air 3 ↓↳

      QIQLoft Music

      Week 23

            The Weekend    QIQRetro Air 2 ↓↳

QIQ     Got Your Back

     Week 23

             T.I ft Keri Hilson    QIQRetro Air 2 ↓↳

    QIQ Ariwo Ko

     Week 14    

             Adekunle Gold    QIQRetro Air 2 ↓↳


    Week 23

             Kiss Daniel    QIQRetro Air 3 ↓↑↳7

 QIQ    Burna Boy

     Week 23

             Way Too Big    QIQRetro Air 2 ↓↑↳

    Blinding Lights

     Week 23

             The Weekend    QIQRetro Air ↓↑↳

Retro Air - Music Charts, News, Photos & Video | Retro Charts

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Retro Air -Retro Airflex Music 
©  2020 Retro Air -Retro Airflex Music . All rights reserved.
+ 1 5 1 Teacher Don't Teach Me Nonsense Fela Kuti 27
+ 2 3 2 Blinding Lights Weekend,The 13
+ 3 9 2 Club Paradise Drake 21
+ 4 3 4 Opor 2Baba Ft Wizkid 3
+ 5 2 3 My Prerogative Bobby Brown 7
+ReEntry 3 7 3 Baba Dj Spinall ft Kiss Daniel 3
New 7 14 7 Owanbe Simi 1
+ 8 10 8 Madu Kiss Daniel 5
ReEntry 9 23 5 Loft Music The Weekend 3
+ 10 1 1 Ariwo Ko Adekunle Gold 14


Retro Air - Music Charts, News, Photos & Video | Retro Charts

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